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Plasma Sterilizer

We have 6 models of Low Temperature Plasma H2O2 Gas Sterilizer with different functions and sizes. The smaller sized models are usually installed in local clinics and bigger sized models are widely used in general hospitals.


The BLUNIX60 is a washer disinfector for cleaning, disinfecting and drying surgical instruments including tubular type, rigid type, hollow wares, glass wares, suction bottles, wash bowls, containers, etc. It is ideal for use in hospitals, laboratories and surgeries.


With our own facility and highly qualified researchers, we assure the quality of our products built with our differentiated technology

About Renosem

RENOSEM CO., LTD. is an innovative provider of Low Temperature Plasma Sterilizer that ensures infection prevention
and microbial reduction. RENOSEM strives to develop various medical devices using our own well-experienced high-tech
 plasma applications and endeavors to meet the needs of customers and provide the right solutions to market situations.







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