International Product Training (Oct. 18-21)

2016 International Product Training

RENOSEM held an International Product Training for customer-facing personnel of distributor, especially in sales, customer service, and product service; need to know RENO Plasma Sterilizer inside and out.

–       Date              : Oct. 18 – 21

–       Venue            : RENOSEM Headquarters

Thanks for participating in IPT, and we look forward to meeing you again!

RENO Product Training Course is designed to provide comprehensive training how to use RENO Plasma Sterilizer properly and effectively, and every tips and techniques for sales & troubleshooting.

All of our courses provide both classroom presentations and hands-on training to help them become competent distributor of RENO Plasma Sterilizer.

RENOSEM hold an International Product Training every year with high quality programs, we expect to meet more distribuotrs next year.

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